Winterize Your Home


Welcome to the Waukegan Public Library’s newest blog! Every week, we’ll be talking about how to save money on everyday purchases, how to manage your finances more effectively and how to get the biggest bang for your buck. Because of the incredible chill in the air this week, our first topic is winterizing your home!

Everyone knows how cold can creep into your home, driving your heating bills through your (drafty!) roof. But winterizing your home can be staggeringly expensive. Try these low-cost or free ideas for taming your bills this week:
  • Find and plug drafts. If you can’t afford to replace old windows just yet, do the next best thing and employ draft-dodgers in windowsills. Once you block the breeze, you’ll be able to appreciate the character and charm of those old windows.
  • Change the air filter in your HVAC system, if you have one. Colder temperatures means your HVAC system is running more, moving more air through the filter; therefore, the filter is grabbing more impurities. Changing the filter means that air will flow through it more easily, reducing the power needed to run the system.
  • Let the light in! During the day, open the drapes on south-facing windows. It may not be sunbathing weather, but the sun’s rays can warm up your home considerably. When evening falls, close the drapes to keep the warmth inside.
  • Don’t heat an empty home. Do you remember to turn the heat down every time you go out? When the whole family leaves for the day, turn the heat down (but don’t turn it off! You’ll end up with frozen pipes and a big bill from the plumber).
  • Throw an extra blanket on the bed. That’s right, you’ll have to face facts and turn the heat down sometime. Especially if your family’s bedrooms are on the second floor of your home, it makes sense to turn the heat down at bedtime. Pull out those flannel pajamas and snuggle into that extra blanket.
Good luck with next month’s heating bill! Stop by next week for the scoop on secondhand shopping!