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AutoCorrect in Microsoft Word / Autocorrección en Microsoft Word

Do you find yourself typing the same phrase over and over?  Save time with AutoCorrect!  Instead of typing the whole phrase, you’ll just need to type a few letters, and the whole phrase will appear.  Here’s how to use this feature:

Click the File tab and select Options.











Insert a Table in Microsoft Word

Sometimes statistics speak louder than words. On these occasions, I like to use tables. Inserting a table in Word is as simple as navigating to the Insert tab and clicking the Table tool.

Inserting Special Characters

If you frequently need to insert special characters into a document, you know all about where to find them in the Insert ribbon. You may also know that there are (complicated) keyboard shortcuts for a lot of them. But did you know that there’s a website that allows you to simply copy and paste the most frequently used characters? It’s called

Clipboard History

Did you know that the last 24 items you copied are saved on your Clipboard? Access the Clipboard by navigating to the Home tab, finding the Clipboard section, and clicking the down arrow in the lower right. Ta-da!

Remove the Formatting of Imported Text

Copying text from websites and pasting it into a Word document can be a quick way to compile information (for instance, if you’re gathering contact information from multiple businesses). The text formatting on each site may be different, making your list difficult to read. To remove formatting on a block of text, just highlight it and click the Remove Formatting button, found on the Home ribbon in Word 2010.

Format it with Word

If you haven’t used a Microsoft Word template, you’re doing a lot of unnecessary work. To access templates in Office 2010, open Word and click the File tab on the far left. From there, you can choose templates for everything from business letters and resumes to birthday party invitations.

Format copied text


If you copy text from the internet or another document and paste it into your document bad things can happen.  The fonts and text colors may not be the same, the background could be a different color, etc.  

A clipboard will appear just below the information you pasted.  Click on the clipboard and select the second option, match destination formatting.  Now your new information is formatted like the rest of your document.  

Revealing word or character count in Microsoft Word

When writing an essay or entering a contest you often need to know you word or character count.  Microsoft Word makes this easy to track.  In Microsoft 2007:

  1. Click on the review tab
  2. Go to the Proofing section
  3. Click on the icon with ABC 123
  4. The Word Count popup box contains the information you seekWord Count Illustration

Changing the capitalization of text in a document

hAVE YOU EVER TYPED A DOCUMENT IN THE WRONG CASE? or just missed the capitalization at the beginning of a sentence.  Do you need the text in all uppercase or all lowercase?

All these problems can be easily fixed in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint 2007.  On the home tab, navigate to the font section and on the bottom row click the arrow next to the “Aa”.  This will open up the Change Case menu.

If you prefer shortcuts you can use ALT+O+E to open the menu, or highlight your text and use Shift+F3 until the appropriate effect is applied.

Minimize and un-minimize the Ribbon in Microsoft Office

Like most people, I occasionally click something and the Microsoft Office Ribbon vanishes.

The ribbon is at the top section of the page and looks like this in Excel.

Excel ribbon

When the ribbon is minimized Excel looks like this.

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