keyboard shortcuts

Delete Key / Tecla de Borrar

The delete key is very handy on the PC for deleting text from the right side of the text cursor. However, many Mac keyboard do not have them. In order to utilize this function on a Mac you must use the keyboard shortcut ctrl + backspace. This will allow you to do the same thing that the delete key would do.


Shortcuts for the Web / Métodos abreviados de teclado para la Web

There are tons of keyboard shortcuts that save time.  Here are a few to use while navigating web pages:

Flip Among Your Open Windows

Today’s tip is a quick shortcut: Alt + Tab. Use it to toggle between open windows for quick and easy navigation. If you have multiple windows open, hold the Alt key and press Tab until you highlight the window you need. Then just release both keys and voila! The window you need is right in front of you. If you’re using Windows 7, the thumbnail views of your open windows should look a lot like the screenshot below:

Changing the capitalization of text in a document

hAVE YOU EVER TYPED A DOCUMENT IN THE WRONG CASE? or just missed the capitalization at the beginning of a sentence.  Do you need the text in all uppercase or all lowercase?

All these problems can be easily fixed in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint 2007.  On the home tab, navigate to the font section and on the bottom row click the arrow next to the “Aa”.  This will open up the Change Case menu.

If you prefer shortcuts you can use ALT+O+E to open the menu, or highlight your text and use Shift+F3 until the appropriate effect is applied.

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