Using Google Like a Pro: Part Six

To conclude our Using Google Like a Pro series, I want to share some Google “Easter eggs”. These are fun little secrets that Google employees hide in various services. Here are some of my favorites:

Walking directions from The Shire to Mordor
Navigate to Click Get directions. Enter The Shire as your starting point and Mordor as your destination, then click the icon for walking directions. Nerds rejoice!

Using Google Like a Pro: Part Five

Are you a political junkie? Diehard Cubs fan? Supporter of a local museum or (ahem) library? If so, you may be interested in hearing all the news about your favorite group and the best way to do that is to set up a Google alert.

When you set up a Google alert, Google will email you when it indexes a webpage that contains your selected phrase. You can choose how often to receive emails, and whether you get every result or the most popular ones. Let’s set up an alert for the library.

Using Google Like a Pro: Part Four

You’ve used Google Images a thousand times. Type a phrase, click Images, and Google searches the internet for images that match your description. But what if you have the image and need the description? I saw an art print at a friend’s house that I really liked, but she couldn’t remember the artist’s name. I snapped a picture of it and decided to do some investigating.

Using Google Like a Pro: Part Three

Conversions, calculations, math problems… if you’re not a fan of math, you can use Google to perform basic calculations. Here are some of my favorites:

Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit:

How about cooking conversions?

Using Google Like a Pro: Part Two

Search engines exist to trawl the internet for our search queries and return relevant answers. Google has always performed that function, but did you know that you can also use Google to get answers to your questions directly? Here’s how it works:

Imagine you want to know the movie times for theaters in our area. Instead of conducting an internet search for websites that offer movie listings, you can type movies Waukegan to get results instantly:

Using Google Like a Pro: Part One

Do you ever wonder how some people always seem to find what they’re searching for online? You can become a searching expert, too! All you need are some neat Googling tricks hidden up your sleeve. Today is the first post in a series about using Google like a pro to get librarian-level search results. The first trick I want to share is domain-specific searching.

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