Literacy in the news

Barb Babb, President of Literacy Volunteers of Lake CountyTwo recent articles discuss literacy efforts in Lake County. In the first article, Lake County Journal interviews Barb Babb. Barb is the president of Literacy Volunteers of Lake County, and she describes her experiences working with adult learners, some of the challenges adult learners face, and the literacy program as a partnership of LVLC, Waukegan Public Library and College of Lake County. 


Tutor Steve Chambelin works with studentIn the second article, Lake County News Sun describes how students are working to complete their GED in 2013. In 2014, the GED exam will change; it will be an even more difficult exam, computerized, with higher fees. The article features our volunteer tutor Steve Chamberlin and his student Sheryl Jenkins working at Waukegan Public Library.

Each article is a reminder and an acknowledgement of the challenging and rewarding work of our students, volunteers, instructors and leaders!

(Photos courtesy of Lake County Journal and Lake County News Sun)



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