Collections 2013

Words, words, words. There were many words spoken on the night of April 30, but, when those words come from the heart, the soul, from the very depth of the writer they take on emotion, determination, healing and become very powerful. Those of us who attended the celebration of the publication of Collections 2013 heard from a mother who recognized that the gift from God of her son was only a gift for a short while. Her struggle to accept this knowledge was shared with us through words, powerful for us to hear, healing for her to express.

Another gentleman expressed the nervousness he felt when he had to read in class. We could all identify in one way or another with that kind of apprehension. It has happened to all of us.

Can you imagine the courage it took for a young lady who is barely out of high school to stand before the group and read her life story? She told how she was afraid to ask for help and when she did she felt that the teacher just couldn’t or didn’t know how to help her so she stopped asking. When she graduated her confidence level was rock bottom. She has never laid eyes on her diploma because she felt her skills were too low and she wouldn’t amount to anything. She did get help from the literacy program, and she is gaining strength in her math and reading skills. She says, “There will be a day when her light will consume the darkness completely….for now, this story is incomplete.”

Contributed by Ruth Woodruff


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