Training Opportunity: Learning to Achieve

What’s this? 






It’s a neuron!  Learning happens when these little guys connect in your brain.  And when they don’t?  That’s when tutors have to get creative.

 Tutors have the opportunity to sign up free of charge for a full-day training on Reading Disabilities and Content Learning through the Literacy Volunteers of Illinois (LVI) in Chicago. 

Reading Disabilities
This session covers the considerations and strategies for working with adults with learning disabilities who struggle with reading. Topics will include identifying skills needed to be a successful reader, discussing the four common types of Reading Disabilities and investigating some instructional strategies that can develop reading skills.

Content Learning
This session covers instructional approaches that can help adults with Learning Disabilities learn content from written materials. We will examine how to support content learning using explicit instruction principles and flexible learning tools such as graphic organizers. 

Click here to connect to LVI’s site and get all the details about the training including information about registration. 

This training is Modules 5 and 7 of the Learning to Achieve series of trainings that distills best available research on Learning Disabilities in adults.  Even if you are not working with a Learning Disabled student or students, the Content Learning portion of the training will provide solid instructional principles and techniques for use with all adult learners.  

For those of you who attended the Explicit Instruction for Strategy Learning session at WPL at the end of February, that was an abbreviated version of Module 4 from the same training series.  If you won’t be able to make the training but are still interested in more info about Learning Disabilities, check out the online courses available through LINCS

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