Welcome New Tutors!

A new group received adult literacy tutor training from Laura Sherwood and Josh Anderson in February.  We welcome you to the Lake County Tutoring Program and look forward to working with you!

The next tutor training session is planned for June, with an orientation session on May 30. Please contact Josh, janderson [at] waukeganpl [dot] info or Laura, lsherwood [at] clcillinois [dot] edu for more information.  

The tutor training manual is now available on the Waukegan Public Library Be a Tutor web page. 

Back row:  Kevin Kleine, Steve Knutson, Nancy Schabell, Peg Fredrickson, Barbara Blair, Amy Onan, Kathryn Polyack, Bill Scheddin

Center row:  Robert Hunter, Leslie Fretzin, Holly Staunton, Jim Meyerhoff, Lynette Ahlquist, Traci Crowley, Sarah Paveglio

Front row:  Laura Sherwood, Domenica DiCosola, Josh Anderson 

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