Waukegan Public Library trades food for fines during the month of March

During the entire month of March, the Waukegan Public Library will take $1 off overdue fines for each nonperishable item patrons donate to a local food pantry. Library patrons should bring donations to the customer service desk, where staff will collect the items and adjust their fines. All donations go to COOL Ministries food pantry in Waukegan.

“We are excited to partner with COOL Ministries again and help those in need. Patrons will be ensuring good food is available to the hungry in our community while bringing their accounts back into good standing,” said Richard Lee, executive director. The focus of the drive is on food items, but the pantry’s wish list includes beverages, baby formula, diapers, paper towels and toiletries.

In 2012, the Library collected 6,049 pounds of nonperishable items for the COOL Ministries food pantry during the month of February and waived a total of $4,768.35 in library overdue fines. The food drive only applies to overdue items and does not apply to fees from interlibrary loan fees or lost or damaged items.  Donations will be accepted at both the main library and the Hinkston Park branch. Call Rena Morrow at (847) 623-2041, ext. 231, with any questions about the Food for Fines drive.