Students Hurry to Finish GED® Test Before It Changes in 2014

The following article was published by News For You Online on April 3, 2013.

Are you working toward passing the GED test? You might want to finish soon. The test will change next year.

The GED test now has five parts. People will have to start over if they do not pass all five parts this year. The new test will be used starting on January 2, 2014.

The GED test measures adults’ skills and knowledge. Passing the test is like getting a high school diploma.

Most states have just approved new standards for schools. They are called the Common Core State Standards. They help students get ready for college and careers. The new GED test fits in with the standards.

The new test will have four parts. Writing is not a separate test anymore. It will now be part of all four tests.

Students will have to take the new test on a computer. This year, they can use pencil and paper.

The changes are the first since 2002.

Close to Passing

Joyce Monroe is 24. She has been studying in a GED class in Buffalo, New York. She wants to take the test before it changes. She has taken some practice tests. She thinks she is ready for writing and science. But she needs more work in math.

She needs to pass all five parts by the end of the year. Otherwise, she will have to start over with the new test.

I’m so close,” she said. “I don’t want to start all over. That would make me drop GED like I did high school.” She wants to show her 5-year-old daughter she can do it.

About 700,000 adults take the test each year. About 72 percent pass it. More than 1 million may take it this year before the changes.

History and Changes

The GED test was first offered in 1942. It was for soldiers who did not get to finish high school.

Armando Diaz works for the GED Testing Service.

We see that higher ed has new standards,” he said. “The workforce (and) the economy (are) changing.

We decided it’s time to give the (test) a face-lift,” he said.

There is one more reason to pass the test now. The new test may cost twice as much. Some states will pay part of the $120 cost of the new test.


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