See the Moon at Waukegan Public Library

On Monday, March 10, the Lake County Astronomical Society will present an evening of moon gazing from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. across the street from the Waukegan Public Library on the corner of County and Clayton Streets.

In cooperation with local libraries, the Lake County Astronomical Society’s (LCAS) program, titled Astronomy Under The City Lights (AUTCL), is an opportunity for people of all ages to view the craters and mountains of the moon and Jupiter with its moons with powerful and sophisticated telescopes including a special hands-on telescope that everyone can operate.

Called “Dobbie”, this kid-friendly telescope is specifically targeted for use by children 9-14 years old. It has a 6-inch mirror and an eyepiece that magnifies objects 48 times. This allows great views of the Moon, planets, double stars, and bright deep sky objects, like star clusters, gas clouds, and remnants from supernovae.

You can join the event at any time and leave at any time, no registration is required. This outdoor event depends on dry weather and acceptable sky conditions to allow viewing, so it is subject to postponement. All children who attend the program will receive a special surprise.  Additionally, there are free astronomy bookmarks from the LCAS Star Reader program available at the Library.

LCAS has been doing astronomy outreach events at libraries for 30 years and since the AUTCL program was developed in 2008, they have given over 3,500 kids their first view of the Moon and planets. For more information about the Astronomy Under The City Lights program, see