Have You Heard About... In the Woods

… the Dublin Murder Squad?  In the Woods,* the debut mystery novel from Tana French, follows the investigation of Detectives Rob Ryan and Cassie Maddox as they try to solve a bizarre murder.  A nearby archaeological excavation team has discovered the body of a twelve-year-old girl on a stone altar, but where did she come from, and why was she murdered?  Was it a member of the archaeological team, a local political activist, or worse - someone from the girl’s family?  Rob, however, notices startling similarities between this case and a mystery from his own past, when two of his friends mysteriously disappeared in the woods, very close to where the girl was discovered, and the more he investigates, the more the details of his past come back to haunt him.

Tana French takes all the elements of a good mystery - clever plotting, well-defined yet flawed characters, suspense - and mixes them with her own brand of dry, Irish humor to create an intelligent mystery unlike any other I’ve ever read.  And if In the Woods appeals to you, Tana French has written two other Dublin Murder Squad mysteries, both of which are available at the library. 

* The next two books in this series are The Likeness and Faithful Place.


Reviewed by Katie (staff)