Have You Heard About... Weapons of Grass Destruction

… the country hits “Strawberry Fields Forever,” “Poison” and “Paint It Black”? Yes, they may have been rock hits when they were done by The Beatles, Alice Cooper and The Rolling Stones, but Hayseed Dixie has given them country and bluegrass makeovers on Weapons of Grass Destruction. The results are surprisingly good and wonderfully funny.

In addition to covering rock songs, Hayseed Dixie includes a few originals on this album. However, it really is amazing how well the genre change works. You have to listen to the lyrics to know whether you’re hearing a traditional piece or a song from The Sex Pistols or Mick Jagger.  Some of the covers work well as parodies, and some stand on their own as good adaptations.


Reviewed by Fran (staff)