Have You Heard About... Skirting the Grave

… the Vintage Magic Mysteries? Skirting the Grave is Annette Blair’s fourth book in this wonderful series* about vintage clothing and Maddie Culter, the owner of Vintage Magic.

Maddie’s sister Brandy is behind the fabulous-fifties theme fundraiser that the Vintage Magic shop is providing the clothes for. Carhop uniforms complete with the roller skates. Cocktail dresses to die for. Remember to wear your hat and gloves! Maddie has a new assistant, Isobel, who knows the world about fashion. Now, think trouble times three! Isobel was murdered as she got off the train. Is the new assistant really Isobel or her twin sister, or could it be the look-alike cousin? Maddie has to sort out “who’s who” before another murder happens.

*I highly recommend this entire series: A Veiled Deception, Death by Diamonds, and Larceny and Lace.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)