Have You Heard About... The Policy

…the supernatural insurance company that uses death threats to coerce you into buying more insurance? Sounds a bit ridiculous, right? But in Bentley Little’s book, The Policy, this is an altogether believable and horrifying premise that plays upon our everyday, adult fears.

The story centers around Hunt Jackson, who has moved back home to Phoenix following a bitter divorce. Almost immediately, he runs into issues with his insurance - vandalism, harassment from his agent - until he receives an offer from a door-to-door insurance salesman who promises to take care of all his problems. But then the salesman keeps showing up, promising more and more outrageous insurance coverage, and the price of NOT accepting his offer gets steeper and steeper.

There is a sense of helplessness as the characters are drawn further and further into this nightmare, with seemingly no chance to escape the almighty force that has taken control of their lives. It’s like being strapped to an out-of-control roller coaster that’s becoming increasingly dangerous and erratic. His straightforward writing is very effective in pulling the reader directly into the heart of the story, and let me tell you, this story goes by FAST. Really, really fast.

Stephen King has praised Bentley Little’s work over the years, and for good reason: this guy writes some really scary stuff. This is a great author to try if you’re looking for a fast read to scare the pants off of you. You won’t be disappointed.


Reviewed by Katie (staff)