Have You Heard About... A Nose for Justice

… the great new cozy mystery series set in the Southwest? A Nose for Justice, by Rita Mae Brown, is a departure from her Virginia series. Set in Nevada, this is a very timely book, both politically and on current events.

Octogenarian Jeep Reed, a WW2 WASP with a wicked sense of humor and her great-niece Mags Rogers, a former Wall St. banker, live on the sprawling Wings Ranch. The buying and selling of western land and especially water rights, is the theme throughout the book. Murder occurs when someone gets greedy for more land and water. Two delightful dogs provide a little bit of comedy. A second mystery within the wheeling and dealing of water rights almost gets Mags killed when old bones are dug up on the property and they are found to have a tie to Buffalo Bill.

I found this book informative, entertaining, and I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend it!


Reviewed by Terry (staff)