Have You Heard About... The Natural History of the Chicken

… the cute little baby chicks in the Children’s Department at the Waukegan Public Library? If you have already seen them, then The Natural History of the Chicken will be an extra treat. If you haven’t, you need to check out this DVD, ASAP.

You’ll cackle with delight as you watch some of the silly antics of people who make chickens pets. I especially liked the lady who put a diaper on her fluffy chicken so it wouldn’t make a mess in her house as it watched opera on TV. The story of the guy who raised roosters and drove his neighbors crazy with all of the cockle-doo-da-doodling is great. You’ll learn something about chicken farmers, chicken breeders and the conditions that chickens are forced to live in just to feed humans, and you’ll be amazed at how much chicken is consumed by the average person in one year.

The story of the Headless Michael is touching. In the 1940s, Michael’s head was chopped off, and he lived for almost a year. He toured the world and was hand fed. Amazing, but true. The story of Liza is spiritual. She longed for baby chicks of her own and almost died to protect them. How about the story of Valerie? Her owner gave her mouth to beak resuscitation when she froze in a nor’easter and the owner thought she was dead. If you’ve ever had to kill a chicken for food and pluck it and then eat it like I have, you’ll understand that every creature has more than one purpose in life. You will never look at a chicken in the same way once you’ve seen this educational, funny and touching DVD. It’s a one-hour family film, but be sure to watch it with little kids in case they have questions.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)