Have You Heard About... Murder Unleashed

… the latest murders in Reno Nevada? Straight from today’s newspaper headlines, Murder Unleashed* by Rita Mae Brown tells an intriguing story about today’s banking crisis and all of the homes that are in foreclosure, specifically in Reno Nevada.

Jeep and her niece Mags need to find out what’s going on and how they can help. What happens when squatters move into these abandoned homes? The local politico who’s running for Congress is murdered because of his views on these squatters, but what does the banking industry in Reno have to do with it? The mystery is a little bit thin and relatively easy to figure out, though it is somewhat of a surprise to those involved. The second mystery that runs throughout the book has to do with a hidden treasure, and this is where the four-footed companions of Jeep and Mags come into the story.

* I highly recommend that you read the first book in this series, A Nose for Justice, although at the start of this book it gives a wonderful description of all of the characters.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)