Have You Heard About... Murder at the PTA

… the unpopular principal who was murdered? Laura Alden’s Murder at the PTA* is set in Wisconsin. Bookstore owner and divorced mom of two, Beth Kennedy gets talked into running for a slot on the PTA board when the school principal is murdered.

Beth is not one to sit on the sidelines. When asked to help clean out the deceased’s home perishables, of course Beth has to snoop around and learn all kinds of secrets about the former principal. One secret is the private funding of a new addition for a school library with computers. With quirky characters, goofy and gossipy blogging by Beth and her friends, interesting facts about the Hmong immigrants in this part of Wisconsin and even a few bits of trivia on pop culture, this is a fun cozy mystery read.

* The second book in this series is Foul Play at the PTA.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)