Have You Heard About... Money Secrets of the Amish

… a very simple method to beat these hard economic times, called UWMW? In Money Secrets of the Amish, by Lorilee Craker, you can learn what not only the Amish, but millions of others already know. UWMW – Use it up, Wear it out, Make do or do Without. We waste a lot of money simply because we want instant gratification. Everything we buy nowadays seems to end up on a debit or credit card. What’s the matter with good old-fashioned cash? Yes, it’s dangerous to carry around a lot of cash. Solution: plan ahead what you want to buy and where to get it and only carry that amount of cash. It seems to have worked for the Amish for the past 250 years and for a lot of the people who grew up during the Depression of the 1930s and 1940s. It can work for you, too.

Start simple. Going to the movies is a good example of instant gratification. Why spend $60 or more for a family of four to see a movie and get munchies, too? All good things come to those who wait. Invest in a hot air popper for about $15-$30, or better yet use a heavy bottom kettle with a lid, and buy popping corn for about $1.10 for a two-pound bag. This is definitely cheaper than microwave popcorn in the long run. So far, you’ve only spent half of the money of going out just one time. The movie itself is even cheaper. You might have to wait a little while, but with your Waukegan Public Library card you can check out up to six DVDs at one time for FREE and have yourself a movie marathon.

Another simple start is second-hand shopping. Clothes, dishes, even furniture can be found if you are willing to spend a little bit of time looking. Learn to barter, use coupons, go together with a friend and buy in bulk, and always read the unit price on the shelf sticker when shopping.

A lot of this book is just plain common sense. This is also a funny read, and that is a good motivator in getting you started on the path to saving some of your money.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)