Have You Heard About... Kitty’s Greatest Hits

Carrie Vaughn’s vampires and werewolves and bounty hunters (oh, my)? Kitty’s Greatest Hits is a collection of short stories by the author of the series about Kitty the werewolf*. Many of the stories focus on Kitty Norville, Cormac Bennett, and other characters from the series. Some look at the possible effects vampires and shape-shifters may have had at different points in history.

This collection has a mix of previously-published and new material. I particularly liked the stories that filled in background information on Rick the vampire, Kitty’s werewolf friend TJ, and Cormac the bounty hunter. Most of the stories could probably stand alone, although some familiarity with the series certainly helps. I found all of the stories to be consistently well-written and entertaining, with Ms Vaughn’s characteristic mix of humor and depth.

* The books in that series are Kitty and the Midnight Hour, Kitty Goes to Washington, Kitty Takes a Holiday, Kitty and the Silver Bullet, Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand, Kitty Raises Hell, Kitty’s House of Horrors, Kitty Goes to War, and Kitty’s Big Trouble.


Reviewed by Fran (staff)