Have You Heard About... Journey into Amazing Caves

… something being beautiful and scary that takes your breath away all at the same time? In the IMAX DVD Journey into Amazing Caves, you experience all of that and a lot more. In Greenland, you find these amazing cavers/scientists descending into the beautiful, but very dangerous, ice caves. The color of the blue/white ice is phenomenal as these people know that one wrong move and the ice above can come crashing down on them or the walls can suddenly close in on them as the ice is always moving. In this documentary, it was the deepest descent into an ice cave ever. Imagine a 100 mph blizzard, with extreme cold, worse than 50 below zero, in the middle of literally nowhere – that’s where this was filmed.

Next, these cavers/scientists head for Mexico, the Amazon and the Yucatan. Did you know that some trees in the Amazon are poisonous – sorta like poison ivy only worse? If the dangers of the cold and ice weren’t enough for you, then underwater cave diving, which is considered the most dangerous “sport” ever will send chills running down your spine. In underwater cave diving, when you use up 1/3 of your air tank, if you don’t turn around immediately, you will die. You need 2/3 of your air to get back. If you lose sight of the guide line you will die. Again, the scenery is eerily fascinating and breathtaking at the same time. The last stop is the Grand Canyon. Imagine dangling over the Grand Canyon in 112 degree heat and rappelling down to a cave. If you dangle too long you can lose the circulation in your legs. While this is only a 40 minute film, it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Keep watching as the movie goes into “The Making of Journey into Amazing Caves.” While the cavers/scientists are doing their thing, just imagine that the film crew had to go into the ice caves, underwater and above the Grand Canyon in a helicopter before them to set up all of the truly death-defying action you see on the screen. One wrong move on their part could put everyone in jeopardy. One person on the film crew almost lost his life when a cable line slipped. Think of all of the equipment that is used in filming and how it had to be utilized to get these wondrous shots. Sometimes a scene had to be filmed as many as 10, 20 or 30 times, so it would be just right, and each time could be more dangerous than the first. I might be a bit prejudiced but all of this amazing journey is set to the music of some of my friends, the most fantastic musical group ever, the Moody Blues.

This is a short but wonderful DVD that the entire family will enjoy seeing many times.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)