Have You Heard About... How to Love Your Retirement

…how to make your retirement the best years of your life? Check out Barbara Waxman’s How to Love Your Retirement : The Guide to the Best of Your Life! Each chapter of this book has short, funny, insightful and even inspirational snippets from retired people, whether they have been retired for 1 year or 20. This is like asking a friend what they think of their retirement.

Some topics include

  • When to Retire – when you begin to hate your job, when you have enough money (will you really ever have enough?), or when you hit Social Security age? Should you retire at 62 or wait to age 70? How does Social Security affect you, at whatever age you decide is best?
  • Can you live with your spouse 24/7? Your hobby might not be theirs, and you really can’t catch up on all the reading you ever planned to get to, because your eyesight would probably fail, you’d get fat from eating too much chocolate, and could you really afford the chocolate?
  • Travel costs money. A vacation once a year now, while you’re working, is expensive. Could you still afford it once you are no longer working?
  • Is total retirement a good thing or should you still work part-time? Is volunteering / mentoring for you?

Baby Boomers need to check this book out. It’s different from the dry reading of how to get your financial house in order before you retire. If you have a short attention span or are just short on reading time, the little snippets of retired people’s insights are interesting to read. I really enjoyed this book.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)