Have You Heard About... The Good House

… the African spirits haunting the Washington woods? Angela Toussaint is struggling to cope with the death of her fourteen year old son, who committed suicide in her grandmother’s old house. But other townspeople are dying in similar, brutal ways, and everything seems to center around Angela’s childhood home, the Good House. Do the strange events have anything to do with Angela’s deceased grandmother, who could raise the African spirits of her native homeland?

The Good House, by Tananarive Due, is a fresh take on the traditional haunted house story - instead of wailing ghosts and clanking chains, Due gives us African spirits both benevolent and vengeful, while still keeping the elements of a good, spooky ghost story. But this isn’t just a horror novel. It’s also novel about grief, the bonds of family, and cultural history - definitely a story to be savored.


Reviewed by Katie (staff)