Have You Heard About... Ghost at Work

…the ghost-oriented “cozy” mysteries by Carolyn Hart? In Ghost at Work*, we meet Bailey Ruth Raeburn. Sometimes you can see her, and sometimes you can’t.

Bailey Ruth and her love of mysteries died in a boating accident. However, just because she is now in Heaven’s Dept. of Good Intentions, she feels there is no reason for her to stop doing what she loves best – helping others. Popping in and out as she tries to figure out what a ghost is capable of doing, Bailey Ruth tries to “help” a pastor’s wife when her husband is accused of a crime. Bailey Ruth and her somewhat meddlesome ways are a hoot. This is a laugh out loud, downright good, cozy mystery.

* The next two books in this series are Merry, Merry Ghost and Ghost in Trouble.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)