Have You Heard About... Flowerbed of State

… the new assistant gardener at the White House? In Flowerbed of State, by Dorothy St. James, you’ll meet Casey Calhoun, an organic gardener who’s only been at the White House a short time, but she’s already in trouble with the Secret Service. This is a fascinating behind-the-­scenes look at the how the White House grounds are kept up.

Casey finds a dead body after being conked on the head, and since she’s a huge fan of Miss Marple, she decides to investigate on her own, much to the annoyance of Jack Turner, a top Counter Assault Team Agent. With protesters marching across the street from the White House, a new puppy digging up the Rose Garden, and a quirky cast of secondary characters, will the killer get to Casey first or will Jack throttle her for interfering with the security of the White House?


Reviewed by Terry (staff)