Have You Heard About... The Floating Staircase

…the rickety staircase rising out of a Maryland lake?  In Ronald Malfi’s latest book, The Floating Staircase, Travis Glasgow and his wife buy a house in Maryland with a distinctive feature: a staircase rising out of the lake behind the property.  But it’s easy enough to overlook, until Travis starts hearing weird noises and seeing shadows flit across the house.  He realizes that the ghostly incidents are connected with the staircase, and he begins to investigate.  But the more he uncovers about the house’s history, the more he realizes that some secrets can’t stay hidden forever.

This book takes the traditional haunted house story and combines it with an extremely compelling murder mystery – so compelling, in fact, that I found myself just as obsessed with the house’s secret as Travis Glasgow.  And the author does a fantastic job of taking the small ghostly incidents (a strange noise, a shadow flitting across a hallway) and transforming them into something truly unsettling.  A very impressive and entertaining ghost story.


Reviewed by Katie (staff)