Have You Heard About... Death by Diamonds

…the great cozy mystery series set in a vintage boutique? Death by Diamonds* is the third in this series by Annette Blair. The Vintage Magic clothing boutique, owned by Madeira “Maddie” Cutler, is located in Mystic Fall, Connecticut, in what used to be a funeral parlor. The mostly-remodeled shop comes with its former owner who is now a ghost.

Maddie has a very unique talent. When she touches the vintage clothing worn by people, she has visions of something troubling in their lives and this leads into the mystery of the book. Her best friend Eve totally freaks out when Maddie sorta zones out with these visions. These scenes make for some really interesting reading as Maddie becomes the person who is in trouble. If you are into designer fashions of past, this book has beautiful descriptions of all types of clothing imaginable. Each chapter heading has a small saying by a famous designer or fashion editor, from Coco Chanel to Miss Piggy to Diane Vreeland. Each heading relates to that chapter is some way. The highlight in the book, after the ‘death by diamonds’ part is resolved, is when Maddie gets to wear the original ‘little black dress’ designed by the famous Coco Chanel.

While this book isn’t quite as interesting or mysterious as the first two, it’s well worth your time.

* The first two books in this series are A Veiled Deception and Larceny and Lace.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)