Have You Heard About... The Casserole Queens Cookbook

…the retro/modern casserole cookbook that has something for everyone? In The Casserole Queens Cookbook by Crystal Cook and Sandy Pollock, you will find retro 50’s casserole recipes that will have you drooling as you recreate these iconic classics.

The first thirty-three pages are a must read. Not only are they informative, but they are funny as well. A dish towel apron pattern is even included. Once I had the supplies needed, it took me all of ten minutes to make, and it works like a charm. (You don’t need a sewing machine either.) Dressing the part, having an apron and listening to music are a must while you cook these casseroles. Page sixteen tells you so.

The part on freezing your creations is very helpful so you don’t end up with mush or a chipped tooth. There are two pages on how to cut calories and only three pages on how to use this cookbook – assumptions and techniques. There are little family stories at the start of some of the recipes, which I thought were interesting, and a few tidbits at the end of some of the recipes. The “Mandarin Meatloaf” was a new version of an old favorite. It was a hit at my house, and the leftovers reheated just fine. “Damn Skinny Yankee Pot Roast” was very easy to make, but don’t save the leftover potatoes for the freezer as they get kinda mushy when reheated. The “Frenchy Toast Casserole,” I made only half the recipe one Sunday morning, and it was delicious. I’m anxious to try the “Freakin’ Insane Chocolate-Chip Applesauce Quick Bread” next.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)