Have You Heard About... A Case of Need

… the abortion scandal that rocked a major hospital in Boston? In Michael Crichton’s first novel, A Case of Need, a local doctor named Art Lee is arrested for performing an illegal abortion on the daughter of a prominent doctor. Art’s colleague, John Berry, knows that Lee occasionally performs abortions on the side, but he doesn’t believe Lee would have let a patient die while under the knife, and so he begins his own investigation. But because of the prominence of the victim’s family, Berry encounters a lot of resistance to his investigation and quickly discovers that there is more to the story than meets the eye.

Even though this was originally written under a pseudonym, A Case of Need still bears a strong resemblance to Crichton’s later books, particularly in terms of the fast pace, the incorporation of social issues to drive the plot, and the scientific detail. I always feel like I’ve learned something new after reading a Crichton novel, and A Case of Need is no exception. Don’t be put off by the scientific jargon – I promise it’s easy to understand.

In other words, this is one heck of an entertaining story. As a lifelong Michael Crichton fan, I’m honestly surprised it took me this long to read this book. If you’re like me and have already devoured everything else Crichton has written, I highly recommend A Case of Need – it’s like happening upon a previously undiscovered manuscript.


Reviewed by Katie (staff)