Have You Heard About... Adventures in America’s Western Parks: The Great Southwest

…the scenic southwest parks of the USA? The non-fiction travelogue Adventures in America’s Western Parks: The Great Southwest has lots of ideas for seeing nature up close and personal. Whether you like to rock climb, hike, bike or take a car ride, the southwestern part of the US is the place to do it.

Incredible, breathtaking scenery of the canyons, buttes, mesas and valleys fill this DVD. You’ll wonder why people endure the scorching heat of Death Valley, rappel down canyon walls, or decide not to go to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. See where Georgia O’Keefe got the inspirations for her paintings, where Hollywood made some of the greatest western movies of all time or just get your kicks on Route 66.

The extra features chronicle the firefighters of the Grand Canyon and how they keep the park from excessive fires. You can also learn how the Navajo Indians make their beautiful rugs. As an armchair traveler, you can experience all of this and more and not have to pay a penny for the two-hour “vacation.”


Reviewed by Terry (staff)