Have You Heard About... The 1940s House

…the modern British family that decided to see what life was like in World War II Britain? In 2000, a three-generation family tackles the lifestyle of The 1940s House.

See what it’s like as they endure without the “modern” conveniences of the 21st century. The Brits had it a lot harder than the Americans during the war years and for a long time afterwards. Making your own bomb shelter and having to use a chamber pot, women working in factories for the first time, food rationing, and the difficulties of cooking. Air raids and the lack of sleep. Learn how America raised their morale during this period of time. No cell phones or video games. You had to use your imagination and make your own fun. Could you cope? See how this experience changed their lives.

This is a fascinating look into the past.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)