Tales from the (Green) Trenches

Today’s post comes from Richard, the Executive Director of the library. Here’s the story of how he first “went green”:

When I was younger (and slimmer) I used to change the oil in my cars.  I had a little plastic basin big enough for about 6 quarts of old dirty oil and a filter wrench and I’d wait for a nice sunny day and get busy.  It only took about 20 minutes or so to do it.  I would buy a new filter and oil ahead of time and be ready to go when the time was right.  It was common to get rid of the old oil yourself.  Heck I thought that the earth produced the oil therefore it would reclaim it.  Not true.  That’s pretty nasty stuff, really.  Then when the Go Green movement hit, it just so happened that oil changes were getting cheaper, in fact they were almost the same in price so I figured why in the heck should I climb under my car when I can have someone else do it for about the same price.  Also, I found out that a single quart of oil can contaminate up to 2 million gallons of fresh water.  I thought, Geez, if that oil I poured out gets down to our water table, that junk could be coming out my kitchen tap!  Here’s a tip…almost any filling station (no, probably not the quick food marts with pumps) but the ones that still have hoists and places that service cars will accept your used oil for safe, clean disposal.  Or you could go to www.earth911.org.