Need Craft Supplies?

I thought I would write again about more ideas I found on creating crafts from recycled items. Normally craft items from the store or catalog can become quite costly so finding items around the home can be a wise and economical alternative. In the past I have used empty cardboard tape rolls, empty paper towel rolls, and milk and juice bottle tops to create a variety of projects from super hero bracelets to fairy wands to board game pieces. Today I will explore different ways you can use paper bags, paper towel rolls, and old puzzles pieces to make exciting new projects.

Grocery store paper bags can be used to create kites, vests, funny hats, paper play houses, and scrapbooks. Simple supplies like crayons, pasting pieces, strong string, and scissors are needed to transform a simple bag into a new creation. Visit this website for other ideas.

Paper towel rolls can be used to make rocket ships, used as painting brushes, bird feeders, cardboard flowers, and swords. Just grab paint, scissors, and small pasting pieces like sequins, pom poms, or glitter and convert your everyday item into a work of art.  Visit this website for other ideas.

After your child has become bored with creating the same puzzle over and over again, you can reuse the puzzle pieces to create a variety of different craft projects. For example, you can paint the puzzle pieces white and glue them together to create a winter snowflake craft. You can take an old nut can or oatmeal container and paste old puzzles pieces around it to create an artistic keepsake container or art supply holder. You can make a picture frame out of craft sticks and glue the puzzle pieces around the craft sticks to brighten up the frame.  Visit this website for other ideas.

The best craft projects are the ones where children are allowed to be creative and use a variety of materials to create a project out of their own imagination. Using recycled materials to create crafts is great and an inexpensive way for children to develop their imagination.

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