Last year, when I was thinking about buying a new car, I looked at all my options. When it came down to decision day, I was torn between purchasing a hybrid or a non-hybrid model. The hybrids didn’t have the best looking designs nor did they offer all the options I was looking for but I knew from a green perspective it would be a wise choice. After a short test drive and my mind pretty much made up already, I purchased the Toyota Prius. With its hybrid engine technology, the Prius is one of the most popular environmentally friendly cars. It boasts high fuel economy (I average 48 mpg) and low carbon emissions. The Prius incorporates the world’s first remote air conditioning system that can function on battery power alone. Plus, it incorporates ”regenerative braking” which means that it recoups the energy used during braking, saves it to a storage battery, then uses it later to power the motor whenever the vehicle is using its electric power source. And the best news of all… the EPA gives the carbon footprint of the Prius as 3.7 tons per year, with the range for all vehicles being 3.5 to 16.2. So the next time you’re thinking about purchasing a vehicle, consider a hybrid. It makes me feel good about my contribution to the environment and I know it will make you feel that way too.


Chuck Rizzio

Building Engineer 

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