How to Become a Reusable Bag Ninja

Like most people, I have reusable bags for grocery shopping. But! I usually forget them at home when I go to the food store. I also wasn’t bringing my bags along when I went to the mall or the thrift store or anywhere else. I had oodles of plastic bags under my kitchen sink, and I never seemed to reuse them at the same pace I was acquiring them. Then someone gave me a compact reusable bag that squishes into a tiny carrying pouch. I use it all the time! The brand I was given is ChicoBag, but there are others and they all work just fine.

I’ve gotten some funny looks when I pull out a bag that fits in the palm of my hand and ask, “Can I use my own bag, please?” They always laugh when I unfold it into a bag that holds a surprising amount. Now that I keep a reusable bag with me all the time, my stash of plastic bags is finally dwindling.

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