Care for a case of the hives?

More and more people are saying yes! Beekeeping has developed into a popular hobby these days, with hives continuing to pop up in backyards as well as many public spaces. Among the hobby’s biggest backers are many state agriculture departments, advocating the trend as a way to help counteract an alarming decline in the honeybee population. 

The New York Waldorf-Astoria recently joined the ranks of beekeepers, setting up an operation of six hives on its 20th floor rooftop. “Honey’s such a versatile ingredient that we can use it anywhere,” said David Garcelon, the Waldorf’s executive chef. As a potentially bigger bonus, beekeeping operations position a hotel (and other properties) for many green initiatives. 

Maybe it’s time the Waukegan Public Library considers taking up urban beekeeping in its quest to go green? 

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