Disposing of Expired Medications

Everybody’s got some old medications they no longer use, or have expired.  I’ve got some in a drawer that go back years.  One time I was at a conference in San Antonio, Texas and had a kidney stone.  If you’ve ever had a kidney stone you know they’re pretty painful.  By the time I got out of the hospital I was heading home with all kinds of pain relievers.  Also, by that time I had passed the stone so I no longer needed the pain meds.  That was 2010 and I still have them in that same drawer.  I even have meds from the veterinarian that our dogs no longer t

Crazy Looking Light Bulbs


Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) are designed to replace incandescent (standard) lamps and here’s why they will be a big success:

·         The integrated lamps combine the tube and ballast in a single unit allowing consumers to easily replace incandescent lights.

Being Green at the Grocery Store

When we do grocery shopping, about the time we are at the checkout with the clerk asking, “Paper or plastic,” is when I remember the reusable grocery bags we purchased sitting in the trunk.  So how do you remember to take them in and actually use them and stop using bags that require trees being cut down or plastic bags that sit in our landfills for tens of thousands of years?  Every time I do remember them, I feel good about saving the environment plus they are nice, sturdy bags.  Sometimes I tell my wife to go through the line while I run out to the car in the parking lot a

Recycling Pets

When you think about recycling you usually think first about aluminum soda cans, newspapers, glass bottles; that kind of stuff.  But then I got to thinking, hey, maybe this could be extended even farther.  Let me give you an example.  This past winter, we had to put down one of our dogs.  She was around 12 years old, a Rottweiler mix named Molly.  The most gentlest dog you could ever find.  Molly had a mass growing in her stomach and hip dysplasia.

Reminding Family to Recycle

My son, who lives in Los Angeles, visited us for Easter.  Now I foolishly assumed that everyone from California was really into recycling and I’m sure many are.  I found myself periodically going into our trash and pulling out the plastic, glass and aluminum bottles he routinely threw into it with nary a thought about recycling.  When we visit him in California, he is pretty good about separating his trash from his recycling but when he travels (which is often) he also apparently goes on a recycle holiday.  I guess it’s time for one of those father son talks, no, not tha

Green Library

Check out the latest information on the library’s green improvements from Richard, the Executive Director:

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