Green Cleaning

This post is for everyone who thinks that it’s too expensive to live green.

Tales from the (Green) Trenches

Today’s post comes from Richard, the Executive Director of the library. Here’s the story of how he first “went green”:

Drive Green

I have a terrible sense of direction. I mean, really terrible. I use my GPS to get just about everywhere, but I recently discovered a new tool that has saved me lots of time and gas money: online trip planners. You can type in each address you need to visit and it automatically finds the most efficient route. In this season of errands and shopping, a trip planner can save you lots of time and CO2 emissions.

Clean for the Holidays

I love pulling out the good china and silver to use for the holidays, but I hate polishing silver! The chemicals give me a headache and it makes my hands grimy. If you’re tired of polishing silver, try this green trick instead:

  1. Find a glass or ceramic container big enough to hold your silver. Line the bottom with aluminum foil.
  2. Next, put your silver in the container.

Composting for the Rest of Us

I’ve been thinking about composting for months now, but there seemed to be too many obstacles in my path. One book suggested an outside compost heap, but I live in an apartment. Another book suggested a special rotating bin that can be placed outside on the deck, but the bin is expensive. Another book suggested vermicomposting (composting with worms) but the specially designed worm bin was too expensive. Finally, I have found a blog that describes composting — simply! I have a quiet shelf under my sink just waiting for this project.

Green Thanksgiving

Have you ever noticed how many more bags of trash leave your front door during the holidays? Start reducing the amount of trash you produce this Thanksgiving with small steps: trade cans of soda for large bottles, use real china and silver instead of disposables and pull out cloth napkins instead of paper (no, you don’t have to iron them). Instead of buying flowers for a centerpiece, scatter some leaves from the front yard down the center of the table and cut holes in the tops of apples for tealights. Easy!

My Favorite R

Yesterday we talked about the four R’s, but there’s one more “R” that happens to be my favorite: Repurpose. For me, nothing is more rewarding than rescuing a scrap of something that others write off as trash.

It's not easy being... you know

Today’s post comes from David, a staff member at the library. Here’s the story of how he turned green.

WOW! I am turning Green…..and I like it!

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