Staycations: They're Still Cool

I’ve been thinking about taking a vacation lately. First I looked into flying to Europe — ha! That’s not going to happen on a thrifty budget. Next I thought about a drive to one of America’s national parks. Ha again! Gas is getting pricier all the time and the hotels in those parks are steep (can you tell I’m not a camper?). So what’s a thrifty person to do with her vacation time? Have a staycation, of course! I’m going to be a tourist in my own town. If you’re interested in having a staycation, check out these links for lots of fun (and thrifty!) things to do around home:

  • Waukegan Community Calendar of Events See a listing of events sponsored by the city. Almost all of these are completely free!
  • Waukegan Park District If you’re not an expert on the programs and events offered by the Park District, you need to study up on this awesome service! Take dance classes, learn a language, or take group trips to local attractions for a fraction of what you would pay alone.
  • Museum Adventure Pass I know, I know. I can’t stop talking about the Museum Adventure Pass. But they can save you so much money! Check out a pass to the Chicago Botanic Garden or Brookfield Zoo for maximum savings.
  • I like to do some shopping while I’m on vacation, and a staycation is no different. Use to find estate sales in and around Waukegan. You can find directions to the house and view photos of items that will be in the sale.

Just because you’re not leaving the state doesn’t mean you can’t leave your worries behind — at least for a week or so. Happy staycationing!