Post-Christmas Cleanup

Christmas is over and I have a renewed determination to keep my home clean and clutter-free. Step one in my clutter-free home plan: pack away the Christmas decorations. Over the weekend I saw an advertisement for ornament boxes — for $20! I don’t think so. I made my own storage with a piece of cardboard, some party cups, and hot glue. Just glue the bottoms of the cups to the cardboard and drop your ornaments in.

I layered three sheets of ornaments in my living room ottoman (it serves as Christmas storage in my small home). By stacking ornaments in this way, weight is distributed on the cups, not the ornaments. This reduces the chance the ornaments on the bottom will break.

Instead of buying tissue paper to wrap other decorations, I used my stash of plastic grocery bags . Everything will stay clean and dust-free until next year, and I only spent $2.99 (for the party cups). Happy New Year’s cleaning!