Best Glass Cleaner Ever

It was so beautiful over the weekend, I decided to start my spring cleaning. I dusted shelves, washed cabinets, scrubbed the bathtub and — most dreaded chore of all — I washed the windows. The last time I washed the windows, I used an expensive green cleaner and it left the windows all streaky. This time, I made my own glass cleaner. It worked terrific! And it was super-cheap. Here’s the recipe:

 ¼ C white vinegar
¼ C rubbing alcohol
 2 T cornstarch
2 C warm tap water

 Combine all ingredients in a clean spray bottle and shake well. This glass cleaner worked better than any storebought cleaner I’ve ever used, and I could spray it around my cat without worrying about the chemicals he was breathing. This recipe came from Crunchy Betty, a site loaded with make-it-at-home recipes to replace storebought cleaners, processed foods, and beauty products. Check it out!