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Mission Statement

Strategic Plan—Relevancy 2011-2014

The Board of Trustees and the staff believe that our success is due to the attention we focus on strategic planning. Our Strategic Plan is updated every three years and is used to guide our decisions. It moves us towards the vision of being Waukegan’s Public Library, a nimble organization that strives to meet the community’s needs in terms of literacy and entertainment. The theme of this plan is Relevancy as it is vital for the library to remain relevant not only to the community but as an institution.

Strategic Initiatives—”The What’s”

Waukegan Public Library puts quality in people’s lives, first and foremost, through reading and educational support, as well as by providing opportunities to gather and be entertained.

Facility—Green, Cohesive and Contemporary

  • Long Term Facility Replacement Plan with vision towards future needs
  • Phase II Construction Completed
  • High Performance Team to care for facility

TechnologyBecome the People’s University

  • Long Term Technology Vision and Plan
  • Long Term Computer replacement Plan with funding and annual upgrades
  • Decrease the Digital Divide in the community through teaching, programming, collection and by developing and training staff.

Reading, Literacy and Educational SupportWhat is the 21st Century Bookmobile?

  • All ages and languages
  • Plan B for funding if grant goes away
  • Plan for breaking the cycle of low achievement
  • Supportive of school districts
  • Job skills/life skills
  • Align collection with budgets and plans

Strategic Initiatives— “The How’s”

We accomplish this by listening to constituent’s needs, identifying community issues, and responding with relevant solutions while managing resources responsibly.

Programs and Outreach—Library staff are recognized everywhere they go!

  • Tie programs to reading and literacy goals
  • Make programming innovative and relevant
  • Make outreach everyone’s job

Marketing and FundraisingBond first, Bridge later

  • High profile media events to draw people in
  • Spend money on developing marketing and PR
  • Social media network
  • Fundraising 2.0
  • Focus on target markets where we can make a difference without duplicating services

Resource ManagementFocus on Community

  • Capital Improvement Plan
  • Endowment Plan
  • Eliminate Waste
  • Balanced budget
  • Debt plan to pay by 2030
  • High performance team—all staff
  • Re-organization
  • Partnerships

Metrics of Success

  • Library is ultimate destination and core element of community
  • Record breaking donations and grants
  • WPL sets own levy and becomes its own district
  • Foot traffic increases from 1200 to 2000
  • Circulation from 650k-1 million
  • Break-even budget with capital line item
  • Endowment from $50k - $500K and funds raised for capital improvements
  • Facility Phase II completed
  • Plan for satellite locations
  • Green Plan 2.0
  • Kindergarten readiness up 10% and graduation rates increase 


Our Mission

Waukegan Public Library puts quality in people’s lives, first and foremost, through reading and educational support, as well as by providing opportunities to gather and be entertained.

We accomplish this by listening to constituent’s needs, identifying community issues, and responding with relevant solutions while responsibly managing resources.