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Computer Classes

Computer Classes are available. Contact the library at 847-623-2041 to speak to a staff member about class schedules or click on the links below to view class schedules.

Frequently asked questions . . .

Who can enroll in the classes?

Classes are open to any adult, regardless of residency, and are filled on a first come, first served basis.

How much do the classes cost?

Classes are free.

When do the classes meet?

Classes occur weekly in the morning, afternoon, and evening.  Check our calendar.

How long are the classes?

Classes are two and a half hours.

Do I need to understand English to take the class?

Classes are available in either English or Spanish.

How do I sign up for the classes?

Registration is required and on a first come, first served basis. Individuals may register in person, through the library’s web site or by calling the library 847-623-2041.

What subjects are covered?

The beginning classes cover the following:

  • identifying the parts of a computer
  • turning the computer off and on
  • mouse skills
  • keyboarding skills (limited instruction)
  • opening, closing, and saving documents
  • creating and deleting folders
  • introduction to the Internet

The intermediate classes cover the following:

  • format word processing documents (page orientation, margins, bullets and numbering)
  • edit word processing documents (spell checker, undo, redo)
  • Cut, copy, and paste text in word processing documents
  • create a resume
  • acquire an email address

The advanced level classes cover the following:

  • introduction to PowerPoint (create slides, effects, transitions, and themes)
  • introduce simple spreadsheet activities (borders, color fill, wrap text, auto sum)
  • simple functions in spreadsheets (add, subtract, multiply, and divide)

How many classes do I have to attend?

Participants are encouraged to attend as many classes as they feel necessary to master the skills being taught.

Will I get a certificate?

Currently certificates are not available.

Can my child attend the classes?

Classes are for adults only. Children are not allowed in the computer labs while instruction is being offered.