July 11 - Derrick Procell

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Derrick has spent his life loving and performing American music. He’s written hundreds of songs, all of them steeped in the genres he knows so intimately - blues, rhythm & blues, country rock, rock & roll, and soul. Derrick tells stories – the stories of all our lives – through his songs. These are songs with a depth and a knowing the come only from living fully and long. These are songs performed with brilliance, passion, and honesty by a man who’s been singing for enthusiastic music lovers for over 40 years.

You have heard Derrick’s songs on My Name is Earl, Criminal Minds, Boston Legal, Saving Grace, Providence, True Blood, and King of the Hill. Derrick’s songs have been included in projects byThe American Cancer Society, Music From the Heart and The Children’s Heart Foundation. He has also been the recipient of songwriting awards from the Wisconsin Area Music Institute, Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase and Billboard Magazine.

For more information, go to http://www.derrickanamerican.com/


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