August 8 - Low-reen & the Maxwell St Market Blues Band

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Low-reen & the Maxwell St Market Blues Band formed organically during the Summer of 2010. Steve Balkin, Professor of Economics at Roosevelt University, an expert on open air markets and the unofficial mayor of the old Maxwell St Market, enlisted Low-reen to organize and host a street jam due to a decline in blues performers at the market. The band formed spontaneously throughout the summer at this jam as musicians happened by and started coming back week after week until by the end of the summer there was a full band.

The current core members of the band are Stewart Rashid Mohamed on bass & vocals, Chicago Paul Petraitis on lead guitar & vocals, and Lori Lewis aka Low-reen on rhythm guitar & vocals.  Other occasional members include drummers Darnell “DC” Conley, The Amazing Jimmi Mayes, Marcus Butter Brown, Johnny Tampa Robinson, and Marco Tolez; Tony Brown on lead guitar & vocals, and Bobby Too Tuff on vocals. In addition to the full band, Low-reen and Chicago Paul perform as a blues duo.

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